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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

While we don’t have the advantage of a crystal ball, using the present state of technology and extrapolating that out into the future can give us a good idea of what the digital signage world may be like five years from now. I am happy to add my predictions and believe that the three biggest changes will be made in the technology of the screens, audience measurability and interactivity.

New Screen Technology.   Looking at how much the signs themselves have changed allows us to consider the future. Today we have amazing resolution in huge outdoor signs that would either be unheard of or cost prohibitive five or ten years ago. Various companies are working on flexible technologies for screens and I see that as a game changing possibility for the future. Today we see vehicles wrapped in advertising. Imagine vehicles wrapped in digital signage.

Knowing the Viewer.   Today we have the ability to capture who is looking at our screens. That technology is only going to improve. Being able to measure and understand the viewer will allow the advertiser to customize the experience and deliver a positive experience.

Interactivity.  Interactive touch and voice controlled video content is evolving.  There will be new and unexpected techniques to allow users more immersive self-serve solutions and experiences. The trend is to encourage viewers to interact with screens but maybe that’s backwards. Let’s get to a place where the viewers become trusted users and where they seek interactive experiences to help them solve a problem or purchase a product.

In five years, we will look back at our innovative technology of today and look at it as “quaint.”  Let’s look forward and expect the unexpected with new digital experiences that will improve people’s lives.

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