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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

From my perspective, three things that will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now include:

Affordability: Bottom line, quality ultra-high resolution signage increases in affordability every year. Competition in the industry is driving the up-front cost down. The longer useful life of direct view LED’s is extending the period of return. These two items alone will continue to tip the scale on the overall value of large digital signage platforms.

Attribution: Attribution focuses on a message that reaches or connects with the intended target audience. The digital signage market will continue to develop ways to identify behaviors, actions, or connections from the installations. These efforts will validate the installations that work (and those that don’t) and drive the development of effective programs.

Advertising placement/payment: For a successful advertising program to have value it must be demonstrated to those who are buying into the program. Traditionally identifying the demographics that have an opportunity to view the digital signage platform has done this. We should expect a shift by those who are placing paid advertising to a payment methodology that is more analogous to web based payments per clicks. This would shift the focus from the right categories of potential customers, to proof of actually connecting with the customers. Instead of finding ads on our webpages based on past searches, we might expect to find advertising in the real world based on our collective searches and interests. For example, a holding area in a transportation environment might reach a defined tipping-point of Brand X customers, which will then trigger a targeted ad run on digital signage in the vicinity, while a similar count of Brand Y customers might be exposed to a different ad later in the day. Protecting the privacy of individuals will remain a priority, but this level of focused advertising intended to reach a specific known customer-base will be increasingly possible when more data is known in general about those in the vicinity of a digital signage network.


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