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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

Like everything, digital signage will undergo many changes. Three things that I feel are going to have an impact include:

  1. NEW TECHNOLOGIES: The pace of change with regard to everything we do is getting faster. New types of technologies, including screen sizes and shapes, will continue to challenge designers to create new ways to use digital signage. In turn, how content is created will be a major player in the future of digital signage. We have talked before about the same old message playing on screens. People are becoming numb to the messaging. I am personally excited about some of the new screen shapes and sizes from LG. Designers can finally get excited about using digital media in projects. Gone are the days of just another rectangular screen stuck on a wall or the unsightly black bezel between panels in a multi-screen installation. These new technologies are going to push designers to create new, dynamic concepts.    
  2. SMART DEVICES: I am certainly not an expert on this subject, but giving control or connectivity to your customer is more important than ever. We see this in the built environment. Being able to connect or control something for a response is important in building brand loyalty. I think the same is going to hold true when it comes to digital signage. Giving control of messaging, content, and creative will encourage a customer to engage rather than walking by. This application will be important in both high traffic spaces as well as in smaller intimate venues.
  3. CONTENT…CONTENT…CONTENT. Did I mention content is going to be important? Dynamic, unique, creative content is going to be critical going forward. Regardless of how beautiful the hardware is, it is the content that is the show. More time, energy and financial resources will need to go into this medium. The opportunity to bring a film producer or short film producer is going bring in a new level of creative content. As with most creative endeavors, storytelling will be a major driver in the creation of new content. Stepping out and trying bold new ideas for creative content will be the benchmark going forward!

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