Ask the Board – February 11, 2019 | JOSEPH McQUEEN


“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

Over the next five years, a number of factors will change digital signage:

Interactivity & Personalization – One of these will be the increased ability for digital signage to be interactive and specific to who is viewing it. From technologies we have today like gender and age identification to maybe proximity devices (think recognizing you by the phone in your pocket), the technology will evolve much like web advertising has.

Dynamic Content – The ease of building dynamic content will also change in the future. Recognizable today by leveraging social media and weather patterns, dynamic content increases the ability to target the individual and create a unique connection with the viewer while allowing the provider to reduce the amount of static content creation. Some of this is available today, but will continue to evolve into solutions that require less development.

Programmatic Advertising – Programmatic selling of content is definitely growing and changing. Today, it’s a concept that is starting to take shape, but requires a lot of growth over the next few years to see its full potential. One challenge we see is the diversity in venues (from billboards to 16×9 screens to spectaculars) that definitely create some opportunities for change, as well as leveraging programmatic advertising alongside of other types of content.

Most of the foundation is available today, but as we look down the road, better solutions and capabilities will grow to allow everyone to more easily take advantage of these to increase their revenue capabilities.


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