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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

This is such a hard question to answer – technology changes so fast, even a seemingly minor change can completely alter the landscape of the future in terms of technology.   With that said, I believe there are a few areas in which we are heading.   

The first is reactive/personalized signage.  More integration with your mobile device and acceptance of technology means signage that reacts to your physical presence and to the environment around it with things such as the ‘If this then that’ type of reasoning behind the process. This will be signage that can personalize content specifically to the target audience, down to individuals. There are signage systems out there already that can connect with audiences, and track their emotional level.    

Second will be the integration of multiple technologies to create an immersive environment, and really push the boundaries of ‘the Internet of Things’ with all devices talking/communicating with one another. That would mean a combination of in-place signage, mobile technology pushed to your cell phone, and audio and visual all tied together to create an experience. Signage will be ubiquitous, underpinning architecture, and people will not even realize something may be a piece of digital signage.

Finally, I think we will see flexible signage – that can adapt to suit the function, v. currently having to plan the signage in terms of the form first.  This I believe will come from the continual improvement to direct view LED, where the pixels will get so small that there would be no distinction between them and a more traditional LCD style panel. When this happens, due to its nature, you will be able to create signage in whatever shape you’d want in whatever size you’d want. Essentially, the shape of digital signage will no longer be constrained to rectangular boxes; whether we put them in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal – they’re still boxes. I see that dramatically changing to accommodate almost any shape you could want.  

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