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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

I believe the three things that will be the most different are:

  1. Significantly increased personalization of content, much greater use of interactivity and lower overall cost of investment as the market becomes further commoditized.  We are already seeing the beginnings of more customized content based on gender and age, but this will continue to progress and become even more customized to a consumer’s likes and dislikes based on previous actions and purchases.  In retail, stores will begin using past purchase data and buying trends to customize the content on the display, exactly how they have in the web shopping experience.  Triggers by facial recognition, proximity to a mobile device or a loyalty card/app will dynamically adjust the content. 
  2. Digital displays will also continue the trend toward interactivity, whether through touch screens, proximity sensors or other means.  Somewhere along the line will be a breakthrough in the link between a personal mobile device and the public displays allowing greater interactivity or the sharing of data from device to device. 
  3. Finally, the market will continue to commoditize with standard displays becoming less and less costly.  Several large manufacturers will fall out of the digital signage market as their differentiation will not be enough to combat the lower prices, and they will focus their investment and efforts in other areas of technology.

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