Ask the Board – February 11, 2019 | MEGAN McSWEENEY


“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

The digital signage industry continues to grow and shift, and it’s hard to predict where it will be in five years. Three things that will have shifted by 2023:

1)  Buy-in across organizations. The more digital our society trends, the more credence this channel will get. Instead of being this ‘new shiny’ tool, it will be a trusted vehicle for important communication.

2)  Increased personalization. Using data to improve the specific communication to a certain user will continue to develop. In five years, expect this to truly shape how content is streamed to certain audiences.

3)  Generally, the industry will look more complex, smarter and more interactive. Look how far we’ve come in the last five years to now. Digital signage will continue to advance at an even faster pace.

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