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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

Digital signage technology is an extremely fluid business. Rapid change has become the norm in this industry. What might digital signage look like five years from now? I would expect to see mobile applications growing far beyond current engagement, allowing for more focus on corporate communications as opposed to just a focus on the retail vertical. All communications departments are looking for ways to ensure that employees have immediate access to what is happening across a corporation as a way to keep them engaged.

I also can imagine more integrated systems, especially in the manufacturing industry, to allow real-time metrics to become prevalent, thus helping a corporation’s bottom line. Just the integration of over-the-counter applications, for example, SharePoint, will not be enough. Integrating with custom-created applications will be needed to reap the most benefit.

The third dramatic addition to digital signage is not new but has just recently become popular. That is the use of transparent displays. Any corporation or retailor is by now aware of this new technology currently being employed as a means of advertising or allowing someone to understand what your business is all about. I see this particular technology being employed everywhere for a multitude of purposes, but mainly to judge where each department or program is in relation to where the company wants to go in the future.

I find the idea of transparent screens fascinating. The ability to reach people through advertising using what a store would already have in place – glass – brings a whole new meaning to reaching customers. In regards to what can be done in a corporate setting, I find the possibilities endless. Imagine broadcasting your products on the outside-facing glass, limiting the number of displays necessary to buy.



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