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“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

The three things I believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market in five years will be Social Media, Data Collection/Dispersion, and Presentation:

Social Media:

With today’s dependence on electronically touching everyone around you; in the future how should we expect to get data or information to/from “us” for “what” you need?  Answer, reach out and touch someone.  With all the different food, hotel, purchasing, traveling, etc. applications, why not get them integrated with your digital signage. You post your life online, or so it seems, so why stop there.  This can give you the “now” information in a familiar way and when you want it.  Social Media is reaching into our everyday lives and so will digital signage or some variation of it. 

Data Collection/Dispersion:

With the Internet all around us, I don’t see anything changing in the near future.  I even suspect we will be getting more drawn into what is has to offer.  Malls and other locales are using blue-tooth and beacon technology to calculate your dwell time, movement and a whole lot more.  The current technologies may or may not be around in five years, but the Internet will be…I see some form of data exchange via wireless/proxy (some media), touching a fob or old-school scanning a code.  This will facilitate what your look for and what is available.  Key for digital signage is to get the information required to satisfy the “need.” The good or bad may mean this information will redirect you to go to a different location for what you are looking for…in Los Angeles it will be a parking spot. 


This will tie into all the next generation of hardware; projectors, display devices where size and functionality are really going matter.  This can mean going large by lighting up the side of a building or shrinking it down to enhanced information on a smart watch or something imbedded under your skin.  Just think what cell phones do today versus five years ago or today’s Fitbit, Garmin device, Apple watch or similar.   See what is out there today and imagine the engineering of what is happening behind the scenes to make the technology for tomorrow.

The days of going to Tomorrowland at Disneyland’s Carousel of Progress to see what is high-tech is gone, but what is coming is right under our own noses and we are pushing the next generation of technology by the way we are using it today.  The connectivity is coming, let’s embrace and make the most of it.


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