Ask the Board – February 11, 2019 | STEVE “CHEWIE” STAVAR


“What are three things you believe will be dramatically different in the digital signage market five years from now?”

The first thought is hardware will be different. What I would like to see is the size of power over ethernet, projected capacitive touch monitors, with embedded cameras, running full windows with a decent hard drive and RAM increase to 55 inches. That is a pipe dream. Those monitors would be more expensive, but it would reduce installation costs and be closer to a system with a single point of failure. The problem is what happens when a PC or another board dies after warranty. What I think will be available in five years is “player-less” non-interactive monitors. The catch is they will only work with a few content management solutions and be limited to what users running digital signage with full-blown computers are doing today. Any other hardware changes will be the incremental changes we have come to expect year to year.

I foresee a major shakeup with the content management solutions offered today. The interfaces of content management solutions will get cleaner and less clunky. The real change will be that there will be less content management solutions to choose from. Existing CMSs will purchase other CMSs to help strengthen their own CMS offerings. There will also be some CMS companies changing their offerings to focus on content creation with an emphasis on providing communication marketing solutions to end users leveraging the end user’s existing communications.

The area I have the most interest in is how the industry overcomes the hurdles of the potential security risks and perceived invasion of data from the personal information collected from end users’ personal devices. Everyone wants the world around them to revolve around them, but at what cost for broadcasting your personal information from your social media accounts? Consumers and digital signage managers want signs to show only information the consumer wants to see and nothing else. With the integration of data from an individual’s IoT  device, digital signage may be able to leverage a phone’s browser history or location history to be able to show more targeted messaging. The hang-up is people understanding the personal information they are broadcasting as they go through their day and the responsibility the industry has in using the information that is available to them.

It will definitely be interesting to see where the industry gets in the next few years as new talent enters the industry and the hardware manufacturers make breakthroughs in the physical limitations they are facing today.




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