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“What content works for internal communications to reach organizations with vast levels of associates?”

Digital Signage used for internal corporate communication is a great way to keep a large number of employees informed. Employees get barraged with internal and external email and team app postings, often missing important announcements. Digital signage can help fill in those gaps, but it often becomes a barrage of its own with tons of zones and information employees don’t need.

Content on these screens needs to be justified against the overall goal of the digital signage program. A good content strategy will help weigh the importance of showing financial data, tweets or a RSS crawl of press releases over day-to-day information that can truly help employees feel like a team.

Employee announcements such as work milestones or life events help keep everyone informed about their coworkers. Event listings let the team know when important group meetings are happening or when there are important deadlines for benefits enrollment. Applications that stream photos from company parties are great morale boosters and turn signs into focal points around the office. This type of pertinent content creates an internal communication strategy based around the team. As with other signage, relevancy matters. Think about what content helps the greatest number of employees best do their jobs, and trim everything else from your screens to leave only the most relevant information.

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