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“What content works for internal communications to reach organizations with vast levels of associates?”

When it comes to designing content for internal communications, you need to keep your target audience in mind as well as the environment in which the digital signage is located. There is always potential for messaging to be completely missed due to several factors, for example: Is the signage located in a fast-paced area making dwell time a concern? Is the display or projection in an easily seen space? Is the content designed to catch the viewer’s attention?

Distributing digital signage messaging across a corporate environment is challenging, especially knowing that it’s difficult to reach people in hallways or break rooms with important information. You have very little time to get their attention and need to design content with the following concepts to really maximize the potential of getting your message to your audience. For example:

  • Stay away from clip art as that only cheapens the design and makes it seem less important. Try using professional photos, either from internal sources or subscribe to a resource that can provide a wide variety of photos and graphics.
  • When tasked with pushing content that’s volumes and volumes of text, keep in mind that dwell time is between 7 and 10 seconds. Your designs need to take on the billboard that you see on a highway approach. Keep your design simple and to the point. A headline to catch their attention, adding a QR code or URL to send the viewer to all the required information you intended to share.
  • Designing with the Billboard approach will reach your audience better. They will get accustomed to being able to get an idea of the content on the screen within moments and have the ability to access more information on the subject matter via QR Code or URL.
  • Lastly, video catches the eye of users better than static graphics and is more memorable. Viewers who are travelling from Point A to Point B in a corporate setting will most likely not see a static image. Motion video will catch their attention and a well-designed video will “tell the story” and get the information across to your viewers.

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