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“What content works for internal communications to reach organizations with vast levels of associates?”

The name of the game with internal communications is “automation.” Why? Because no other type of network has a target audience that is potentially looking at the screen for up to eight hours a day, five days a week. Content gets really old, really fast. 

There are two cost-effective ways to help feed the beast of a corporate communications network: 

The first is automated templates powered by your own dynamic data. Build out a bunch of branded templates for: birthdays, kudos, KPIs, leaderboards, welcome messages, meeting reminders, company announcements, sales “gongs,” “get-to-know…”, new hires, etc. Another example of this is building data-driven “art” for lobbies, which will change as the data driving it changes constantly. 

The second is automated feeds powered by a third-party like Screenfeed, Datacall or Seenspire. From their feeds, you can set areas of your playlist or zones to pull in relevant general interest content that supports your ROO for those particular screens. Content like financial stock information for both your company and leading competitors, the weather, industry specific news, your social feeds or inspirational quotes work great for hallway screens. But maybe your network is also in break rooms and you want general content like news, local sports, and trivia. These licensed and pre-built feeds can really ease the burden of keeping the screens fresh. 

Of course, you should keep your standard branding bumpers and add in your never-changing company values to the playlist. Just don’t forget to automate. Most everything else will need a full-time team to keep your network fresh/relevant. Automating the data is a better and more efficient way to provide fresh content.

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