Ask the Board – February 18, 2019 | BILL MASLYN


“How do you assess the product “lifespan” and update cycle of your devices that are in the field?”

We believe the product “lifespan” of devices should be fully assessed before they ever go into the field. To accomplish that, we spend a tremendous amount of time planning, evaluating and testing prospective hardware under field-like conditions as often as possible. Our goal is always to strike a balance between future-proofing and capital investment to ensure that our network partners and we are always maximizing ROI.

Beyond fully-stress testing product spec limits, among a few key areas we evaluate to ensure longevity are modularity and extensibility of hardware and key components. By ensuring standardization of features such as mountings and input/output (I/O) connections, we can expand functionality and extend the time our devices can stay in field. Of course, there will always be issues with damaged or faulty hardware, which is why fully evaluating warranty and service options is one of the last areas we strongly consider before purchasing and deploying devices.

By front-loading the hardware deployment process with the appropriate levels of testing, a deep evaluation of modularity and standardization for scalability, and a thorough consideration of warranty and service options, you can ensure a long life for your devices.

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