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“How do you assess the product “lifespan” and update cycle of your devices that are in the field?”

Product lifespan is influenced by several factors:

1) As a technology driven variable under the umbrella of “product value.” The digital signage industry is changing every day. Innovation in the field of efficiency, performance, display and interaction/analytics is everywhere in the market. We can track value for every product. If the product does not have enough value for the deployment that it is serving currently, then we need to start thinking about replacing the “product.” 

2) The second factor could be a variable driven by the environment in which it is placed. The power requirements, aesthetic properties, needs of the environment and several other factors could impact the product lifespan.

Looking at these factors, we can create a “Product Lifecycle Plan,” which constantly reevaluates the “product value” and hence allows us to forecast and budget the appropriate product update cycles.


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