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“How do you assess the product “lifespan” and update cycle of your devices that are in the field?”

The “lifespans” of our various digital display products and digital systems are determined using information obtained from our digital hardware partners, our own empirical testing and historical performance data. JCDecaux’s evaluations of products actually begins long before we review specific products, as any supplier of digital display products will be subject to a detailed and deliberate review protocol. The supplier of any such product has been qualified as “trusted” and their facilities, manufacturing processes and products have passed a robust assessment review prior to the selection by JCDecaux to source specific products from such a supplier. Thus, qualification of any new digital product slated for production deployment begins in collaboration with a pre-selected and trusted supply partner. 

Our assessment of the specific product includes a detailed review of the product specification supplied by the manufacturer as well as any third-party certification documentation and would include reviewing the product in the market, if it has been deployed by another vendor. As a matter of systematic process, climatic chamber testing is conducted to develop a more complete understanding of expected performance in varied and stressful environmental conditions. All resultant data is compared with a known control sample of existing products, and an expected useful life is identified.

Throughout the life of product, we regularly compare product performance with the published manufacturer data, allowing us to better plan for hardware upgrades. The periodic comparisons further develop our understanding of product categories and help us to continually refine our anticipated lifetimes.


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