Ask the Board – February 24, 2020 | IAN DALLIMORE


“When you have multiple assets that are viewable at the same time do you sync your displays such that they change together? If not, why not?”

Where it is applicable, our messages are sync’d, although in minimal markets where we have multiple large-format roadside digital billboards, Lamar Advertising can sync its screens. Lamar’s digital airport screens, including Las Vegas McCarran Airport, syncs its screens that flow with the passengers. It’s all about the exposure and experience a consumer has with a brand. If the campaign can tell a story with multiple digital screens with a consumer moving in a car or on foot, it has a stronger visual effect, and in return, higher recall of the brand. Often, this is led by the brand and its campaign. If a brand has the environment and opportunity, we highly suggest they understand how that message will be consumed. Although it seems like common sense, seeing the same static ad on a digital screen five screens in a row isn’t nearly as powerful as a flow of the brand’s story.

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