Ask the Board – February 24, 2020 | IAN GADSBY


“When you have multiple assets that are viewable at the same time do you sync your displays such that they change together? If not, why not?”

Yes.  We do our best to make sure that all line-of-sight displays are displaying in sync.  And, when there is a specific advertiser on all those faces, that creative lines up and matches. It’s a bit harder to accomplish these days, with programmatic adding the potential for variable-length logs, but we try to do our best.  It’s easy to do when chaining together one video output on multiple displays, but a little harder when there are multiple displays with multiple formats and sometimes multiple loop lengths. Presently, it’s a service we strive for rather than charge as a ‘domination’ buy as we know we’re sometimes challenged on this front.  The new technology we’re rolling out in 2020 should clean this up.

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