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“How do you use touchscreen analytics to test the effectiveness of interactive screen content?”

The one true indication of consumer engagement is interaction.  If the consumer embraces the content, it shows intention, interest and interactivity.  The I’s (or eyes) have it…

By being able to take the learnings from consumer behavior (in this case, involvement with your content), you can see how the consumer is maneuvering within your “world.” This enables you to see where they go, where they go back to and how long they have been there.  It is a roadmap of sorts within the screen.

If a consumer has long dwell time, you can assume they are interested, involved and are seeking more information.  If they spend very little time, click out of a space quickly or close down abruptly, you can also assume they aren’t interested in what you are sharing.

If you have links to other locations or ways to share the page they are on, you can also get a good read on what they like or what they are most interested in.

So, in summary, you can use dwell time, pages clicked, links shared or forwarded and places they go to within the screen to get a read on what is liked, what is not and what is most interesting.

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