Ask the Board – February 25, 2019 | MEGAN McSWEENEY


“How do you use touchscreen analytics to test the effectiveness of interactive screen content?”

Reviewing touchscreen analytics is important, as it helps us make data-driven decisions. Specifically, we have interactive digital signs that have a wayfinding purpose. Patients and families can use them to find their way around our campus, and they are scattered throughout the hospital. Recently, after reviewing the touchscreen data, we were able to see that, based on the three ‘path’ options – searching by clinic, by location or by doctor – that hardly anyone was touching on ‘by doctor.’ This particular content piece was also tough to keep accurate and up to date, and since our analytics told us it was the least used option, we decided to eliminate the path option. Changing how the touchscreen worked allowed it to be more effective, more streamlined and more accurate in the information provided to patients and families. And we only came to this conclusion due to the data and analyzing the numbers behind the interactive screen content.

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