Ask the Board – February 3, 2020 | ANGEL CORDERO


“What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?”

Signage communication is often about getting clients to perform an action such as buying, registering, visiting, and learning more.  Ideally, the action is performed immediately after viewing the communications, using a customer’s mobile phone, smart watch, touchscreen, or point-of-sale checkout.  Quick Response (QR) codes may work but, are there better options that are simpler, use less content space, are compatible with more devices, or can provide more data?

Here are some alternatives to QR codes:

  • Web Links – Specify short web links that can be quickly entered on a mobile phone
  • SMS Messages – Send a short code text message to get more information, links, and more
  • Touchscreen – Collect phone number or email using touchscreen interface
  • App Store – Advertise an app store mobile app that can help the user with desired goals
  • Bluetooth – Have the sign send a wireless message with information to your phone apps
  • Image Processing – Read hidden watermarks in photos or automatically extract key text from photos

Finally, I hope the new options will work on all phone operating systems, mobile watches, and across all countries and languages.  Security is a requirement too, so that hackers can’t see wireless messages or typed personal information.  I’m hopeful that the solution will work well for those with vision, mobility, or other accessibility needs.  While we wait, don’t forget to think about your calls to action.

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