Ask the Board – February 3, 2020 | CHERYL FLOHR


“What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?”

Today, a friendly URL is the simplest and clearest path to get to a site. We see a site – name of – and easily remember it to key in later. We might take a photo of it or just take some guesses to get there.

Hash tags have become the common way to direct the masses to a topic. Ungoverned by the regulations of domain names, anyone can appropriate a name or phrase to steer a conversation to a single site. The problem with these is, of course, that the same phrase may be used by lots of folks, diluting its effectiveness.

Of course, technology is available now to recognize images and pull up matching or similar ones. So, rather than scanning a QR code, we can scan a logo or product photo and see what we can find. This is where our future lies … the merger of images as data. 

In a retail or trade show environment, an image can have a metatag embedded, directing those who capture it directly to a landing page. More exciting yet, augmented reality can be used in graphics or labeling to expand the viewer experience to another level. Furniture options can be tried out in your own living room. You can experiment with a new lipstick color virtually or play a game by scanning a product.

Consumers will have a smorgasbord of experiences ahead of them, blurring the line between advertising and actuality and creating a robust path from phone to personal experience to purchase.

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