Ask the Board – February 3, 2020 | DANIEL ORME-DOUTRE


“What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?”

QR codes are still around and are probably going to be around for many more years. While new technologies like NFC, augmented reality, clickable “paper,” and even SnapTag are constantly trying to improve or replace QR codes, they are just not ubiquitous technologies. If you have to retrain or force the customer to learn something, it probably won’t work unless it is adopted across the spectrum broadly and offers unparalleled experiences to the user. QR falls short as an analog and digital world bridge, but all age groups recognize it. Ideally, a new tool will come out that doesn’t require learning, scanning, downloading something, or installing. With AI and image recognition now, the mobile device ideally will automatically interact, inform, or entertain.

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