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“What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?”

From what I’ve seen and experienced locally, only quick-serve restaurants and movie theatres have been using QR codes around my area. So it’s been a slow process for QR codes to really grow their market, and some of the issues around them, requiring an app to read them for example, are solved using newer technology. One of these options might be NFC tags, where apps aren’t required because they’re already tied to Apple Pay and Google Wallet, which are already becoming more accepted as people purchase devices with those systems built in. Another option may be augmented reality (AR). AR codes seem to add more interesting functionality, creating an immersive experience, but the cost to produce the content behind it may be simply too high for now. It also may bring with it similar challenges around scanning codes.  

With that said, QR codes do seem to be gaining ground as people get used to scanning them for information, coupons, redeeming tickets, and the like. So they don’t seem to be going away, but rather still growing in use and functionality.   

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