Ask the Board – February 3, 2020 | MARK GEIGER


“What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?”

One possible replacement for QR Codes in the future could be Image Recognition.  I have used this technology with Google Lens, which allows the user to simply take a photo of anything and search results for like or identical images.  This works well with retail packaging and other things like landmarks.  I ran across this application while using Google Photos.  All the photos from my phone automatically go to Google Photos, and then I am able to use the Lens icon to receive information about a selected image.  Google Lens also works well when taking photos of clothing or fashion accessories you would like more information about, such as the designer or where you can purchase the items.  Just for fun, I tested Google Lens by taking photos of random people to see if it would take me to their Facebook page or LinkedIn account.  This didn’t work, but it may work in the future.

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