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“What technology will replace Quick Response (QR) codes in the future?”

QR (Quick Response) codes have been around for quite a while now and as a matter of fact, since 1994. It was really beneficial “back-in-the-day” when Bluetooth and similar wireless connectivity methods had not yet come to fruition. I’ve normally seen them used as a way for information gathering, i.e. registration, wayfinding, data collection and accessing sales options to mention a few.  It was reliable and simple, but usually hard to change or phase out since it was used primarily on printed literature.  Since the years have gone by, QR codes are still used the same way they have been, but easier to scan with your phone and other devices for immediate interaction.

Luckily, QR codes haven’t gone the way of the dodo bird, and I can’t see it going away in the near future. The QR is still one of easiest ways to get information to your computer or on your phone giving details and information that would normally take some considerable time to input as humans or through other methods. Looking at a strange box called a QR code and thinking what is this bunch of dots put together in a square…this had to seem like something out of The Matrix the first time you saw one, and what does it do??  

Will the QR code be replaced in the future? Highly unlikely. It is used in too many industries today. I see it used “less” as on-line “live” data is becoming more common.  In the digital signage world with “auto” push-data features through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or beacon type technologies that seamlessly transmit and provide auto-integration to get information to “you” faster and easier than before. The web is our friend, but QR codes will always stay true to their origins of simple scanning and information gathering.

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