Ask the Board – February 4, 2019 | BRYAN MESZAROS


“What advice do you have for designers building digital content for transparent displays?”

With the emergence of new display technologies, it is becoming a challenge for designers to alter their styles to accommodate the different formats. That statement could not be truer for transparent displays, given the nature of its visual presence in a physical environment. Unlike a traditional display, you now have the added challenge of designing to accommodate any background objects given its transparent qualities. It’s important to create a visual balance so you do not obstruct the objects the display is in front of. Also, keep in mind the colors you choose to use, and understand that the contrast levels are still not as crisp as they are on a normal display. 

Transparency creates a unique opportunity to be creative and visually tell a story to the audience that highlights some type of physical object. Again, unlike a traditional display where all objects are on one layer, you have to take into account how a stationary object will look as you design your overall narrative.

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