ASK THE BOARD: Game Changers for 2016 and Beyond

What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“For retail, in general, continued advances in mobile payment technology and improvements in flexible fulfillment solutions will be key. More than ever before, it’s important to have supply chain solutions that can keep up with in-store demand,…”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Jesse Breidinger

“A game-changer for a company like Coca-Cola and its customers will be integration between point of sale systems and the digital signage. Digital signage providers have talked about this kind of integration for several years now.”
Senior Customer Marketing Manager – The Coca-Cola Company

Read the Answer by Lawrence Chang

“As a Convention Centre, it is always difficult to tell what technology may have a particular influence, because when you boil it right down, we’re selling a large space for an event, with the intention to generate economic return for those local businesses around us, and to promote awareness for the City.”
Director, IT – Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Read the Answer by Michael Conley

“Data, data and more data. The phrase ‘Data is the new oil’ couldn’t be more true as it has disrupted every aspect of the display marketing space. Digital signage, albeit powerful and aesthetically pleasing, is simply hardware without the right content.”
Vice President, Digital – Cleveland Cavaliers

Read the Answer by Jorge de la Parra

“I think the ability to personally identify consumers will be the game-changing technology. Whether it’s with geofencing technologies, a Bluetooth beacon paired with a consumer’s phone or a system that facilitates facial recognition, the outcome is the same.”
Director, Business Consulting Services – Jack In The Box

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“For our digital signage, beacons and other proximity technologies will be game-changers in 2016. While our On-The-Go Travel Station Network kiosks are interactive, we have yet to integrate mobile into our platform. There are two main reasons for this: …”
Vice President, Corporate Communications – New York City Transit Authority

Read the Answer by Mark Geiger

“I believe that any technology, like Beacon, that enables advertisers to send information to a potential customer’s smartphone using a wireless personal area network will be useful if launched properly. “
Associate Director, Marketing & Business Development – Georgia World Congress Center

Read the Answer by Joshua Goodwin

“As E-Commerce is a huge part of Eileen Fisher’s business, I see advancements in Internet Technology as our game changer. As the Internet grows, so do possibilities for E-Commerce. One innovation that has caught the eye of fashion retailers is Virtual Fitting and Sizing.”
Digital Media Specialist – Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Read the Answer by Kelly Hackett

“This is an amazing question because AT&T is innovating and incubating technology every day, and it’s part of my job to harness it! As we enable consumers to be even more connected to what matters to them – video content, staying connected to family, etc…”
Director, Digital Innovation – AT&T Mobility

Read the Answer by David Saleme

“Data analytics should be a real game-changer for digital signage in the transportation sector in 2016 and beyond. With a properly deployed Wi-Fi network and the back end software to support it, we now have the ability to see passengers’ movements…”
Manager, Business Development – Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Read the Answer by Christina Radigan

“While I don’t feel one singular technology will be a game changer for out-of-home (OOH), including digital signage within the next year, I do feel that technology-at-large has and will continue to enhance the medium across the board.”
Director, Marketing & Communications – Outdoor Media Group

Read the Answer by Jessica Stevens

“In retail, it’s important to be able to display new technology available on TVs. With resolutions continuing to increase, it’s becoming interesting as companies figure out how to distribute, create and manage 4K content.”
Senior IT Deployment & DS Capability Manager – Best Buy

Read the Answer by Dave Taylor

“I think that LED displays will make a big impact in the future. The pixel pitches are now at a level that these are viable replacements for video wall solutions. They can be driven much brighter than a monitor can, and they are very uniform.”
Digital Signage Engineer – American Eagle Outfitters

Read the Answer by Marcos Terenzio

“The senses impact our view of the world, our emotions and our behavior. An immersive experience capitalizes on all five senses through the use of stunning realistic visuals that provide a tactile feeling as one navigates the retail environment.”
Director, Digital Creative Experience – Shikatani Lacroix Design

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