ASK THE BOARD: How to Increase Touchscreen Interaction

What are some of the ways to increase interaction with touchscreens?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Ian Dallimore

“I think this biggest issue with low interaction on touchscreens has to do with content and the “how does this help me” mentality of the consumer. “
Director, Digital Innovation & Sales Strategy – Lamar Advertising Company

Read the Answer by Travis Kemp

“At Outcome Health, we have put considerable time into increasing the engagement of our touch screen products. We have found through trial and error that the following methods have worked well…”
Director of Product Development – Outcome Health

Read the Answer by Bill Maslyn

“At Intersection, we’ve had the most success in driving interaction with our touchscreens by providing engaging, timely and valuable content powered by strong design.”
Vice President of Product, Content & Ad Technology

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  1. These all have great advice for content, but don’t forget about the whole experience. Considering the user experience in its entirety – size, shape, and placement of a kiosk as well as the content itself – can help in making the difference between low and high engagement. Placement is super important to how users feel about a kiosk. If a kiosk is in an inviting, comfortable-to-approach space it gets more engagement than one in a slightly awkward-to-approach place. It turns out kiosk users heed social cues related to approaching and touching devices very seriously.

    Appealing shapes and sizes of devices can also pique a user’s curiosity and draw them in while an unappealing device shape could cause them to keep their distance. If you’ve done well on these two fronts, you’ve at least gotten your user in front of the device, ready to interact.

    Investing in quality design will go a long way. At ViewPoint we’ve found that if you can create a really compelling experience, users can’t keep their hands off the touch screen. Not all touch applications are created equal. As you probably know from your own experience, touch interaction can be tedious or very fun depending on how it’s designed. Here’s one examples of a touch-friendly feature: Image Comparator

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