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“What advice would you give to a college student currently studying a field related to AV integration?”

In my opinion, two of the most important aspects of AV Integration are Network and IT. Understanding a client’s network environment is key to getting designs done correctly. This lends itself to understanding types of equipment and how they can impact bandwidth. The idea of AV Integration isn’t just hanging up displays and connecting a device to push pretty images to the screen. There is a lot to be done and understand behind the scenes. Once there is a fundamental understanding on networking, there should be a focus on streaming video, IPTV and other formats of delivering video to users either on-premise or to a remote location. There are several ways of approaching a design to achieve these requests, but it’s the knowledge of types of devices, video files and the benefits of each that really lend themselves to making a solution fluid so it does not tax the network. You do not want to bring the network down to its knees with anything that was overlooked or had a bad design element. With 4K on the rise, this is a must for all who are new to the AV world. Understand the client’s network, and when adding the solution, you must design with all these factors in mind. Ultimately, my advice is to get an understanding of client network types, look into different scenarios of varying solutions and how they met and exceeded client requests. Keep up with the latest device releases. Following this advice could lead to a successful career in AV.

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