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“What advice would you give to a college student currently studying a field related to AV integration?”

It can be difficult to find a course or college degree that will teach you everything you need to know about an industry that is always evolving. It can also be challenging to know exactly what area of the industry you are truly passionate about until you begin working in it. The best advice I can give to a college student currently studying a field related to AV Integration is to learn all the fundamentals of electronic and IT engineering. The biggest benefit is that it will teach you to problem solve and think critically. From there, the best education will come from experience.

Graduate college and start in an entry-level position that will allow you to gain as much knowledge as quickly as possible. Do not try to jump to the highest position you can get an offer for right away. If your growth is natural, your level of understanding everything will be more complete. It is also likely that you will find opportunities to consider positions that you would not have previously considered. The more positions and aspects within the industry you can learn from, the better. Building your skillset and confidence makes you more marketable to potential employers, and discovering different positions in the industry you are passionate about will make your career more fulfilling.

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