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“How do you see Artificial Intelligence (AI) figuring in the future of digital signage?”

We see Artificial Intelligence figuring in the future of digital signage in two main ways – interactivity and adaptability.

One of the biggest weaknesses of digital signage is that it’s a display medium that provides no interaction with the signage itself beyond simply looking. Yes, the signage could contain a URL/QR code that the viewer can access that will provide some additional interactivity, but that requires the viewer to utilize another device, creating a potential barrier to their engagement. If the signage were to contain some form of Artificial Intelligence, it could provide a much more engaging and interactive experience for the viewer, answering questions, collecting any contact information the viewer wants to provide, etc. Think Alexa, but customized to the content of the signage.

The other main potential way we see Artificial Intelligence factoring in to the future of digital signage is adaptability. Right now, digital signage can only show whatever content it is programmed to show. Market demographics can suggest what content/messages will be most effective to show in a particular area, but the signage cannot adapt to the live environment. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the signage could change its content based on what it currently “sees” or the interactions around it. Furthermore, signage with embedded Artificial Intelligence could be able to adapt to a viewer’s stated preferences to show them more relevant content such as merchandise in a store that is in line with the viewer’s interests.

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