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“How do you see Artificial Intelligence (AI) figuring in the future of digital signage?”

As Data continues to be the big topic around the advertising industry, AI is the real future and driver behind it all.  The biggest opportunity today and in the very near future is AI + Search. Our screens continue to advance with data to trigger creative content (i.e., weather, traffic, live scores), but AI behind search connected to Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is the future.  It’s the ability to tap into real-time search to determine the highest searched topic in any given city and allowing a brand to trigger that product or offering. An example of this would be Orbitz advertising on DOOH, based on specific key search words, which is highest in Atlanta is ski vacations could trigger Orbitz Ski Packages.  The same could be used for a clothing brand like Bonobos, if swim trunks are searched the most, only the brand could display its swimsuits on its website. The add strength of DOOH is it’s one to many unlike our friends online that is a one to one with AI + search. We are not only serving relevant and targeted ads to the larger group that created that search trend to trigger swimsuits but also creating more recommendations to others exposed to the DOOH signage.  A recent Nielsen study showed that 46 percent of consumers exposed to OOH searched that brand online. Recent Obie winner Spotify’s entire campaign was around first-party data and AI directly from its site to create a trending playlist for its copywriters.

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Lastly, the use of AI and image recognition continues to improve and evolve the OOH space. It’s the perfect place to utilize the advancements in this technology.  A perfect example is how Lamar Advertising partnered with a VRT (Vehicle Recognition Technology) company for The Last Knight (Paramount Pictures film) last year. This technology utilized cameras to recognize the front grill to determine the vehicle type and label you a Decepticon or Autobot.  As this improves, look for learned behavior of these cameras on street furniture to recognize mood, ethnicity and even brand of clothing that you are wearing to trigger creative content.

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AI + OOH is the true future of advertising.

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