Ask the Board – January 20, 2020 | RICK ROBINSON


“How much has location data impacted the ability for DOOH to drive more targeted, measurable results for advertisers?”

In theory, the availability of location data is a 100-percent game-changer. But, it’s not just yet at massive real-time scale in practice. The data is there.  Relatively accessible, affordable, accurate and workable.  The impact on planning is material as we speak. We now have a much better idea of who is where and which inventory historically works best for reaching almost any audience or behavior pattern. This is compelling. And it’s driving brands and budgets to OOH and DOOH alike. Expect more advances and daily use cases on this front. Measuring results is more nascent. We can do it. Now we’re learning exactly what to measure and what’s “good” for benchmarking. It’s important we share more findings as an industry. Open doors, in this sense, will raise all ships. Lastly, the notion of real-time location data informing real-time message delivery is still more of an exciting pitch topic than a practical application. Perhaps we’ll see this happen at scale when (if) AI can produce valid creative content on the fly (Oh no … say it ain’t so!)



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