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“How much has location data impacted the ability for DOOH to drive more targeted, measurable results for advertisers?”

Leveraging location data has quickly boosted marketing value for advertisers and DOOH providers. Location data provides new methods for targeting and measurement. With access to location data, marketers have a better idea of who is near their ad when it airs. New DOOH players such as Verizon have helped make this possible by bringing data accessibility and reliability to the table. Even with this improvement, we are still left wondering; was the person actually looking at the screen or were they just standing near it? There’s not a simple solution to solve this problem, but we are beginning to explore creative ways to generate a return signal.

One of the more remarkable examples of leveraging location data that I have seen recently was executed by McDonald’s. Instead of using location data to send out targeted ads, they joined forces with Wayz to push geolocation ads to nearby screens. As cars using the Wayz app approached designated areas, digital billboards showcased a McDonald’s menu promotion. While the DOOH ad played, a call-to-action to “drive there” was displayed in the Wayz app on the consumer’s mobile device. 

According to Mobile Marketer, the campaign leveraged more than 300 billboards and earned McDonald’s 6.4 million mobile impressions by tying the two technologies together. The campaign was a success reaching 1.9 million unique consumers across an eight-week run time last year. More than 8,400 consumers opted to navigate to a McDonald’s.

Innovative concepts like this are significant for our industry because they help illustrate the true power of our technology. Leveraging location data (and other data for that matter) is not even CLOSE to reaching its full potential. There are plenty of opportunities to continue to expand on our thinking and provide even more value for advertisers and consumers. The more we leverage data, the more sophisticated our marketing can become.

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