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“How much has location data impacted the ability for DOOH to drive more targeted, measurable results for advertisers?”

Location is a critical component of marketing operations. In fact, it is one of the “P’s” of the canonical “4 P’s” of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. But when it comes to DOOH paid advertising vehicles, like digital billboards, it is rare that marketers would attempt to address individual neighborhoods and far more likely that a marketer would attempt to sell at the suburb- or city-level. With such marketing strategies, it is often more fruitful to ensure that single, unified message is delivered and reinforced within a market than to attempt to hyper-localize the message.  Besides, most marketers that sell products nationally probably don’t have the creative capacity to customize messages beyond market level. The result is that, for any two digital billboards within a geographic market segment, a marketer will probably care more about the number of impressions and price per impression than about the billboard’s exact location.

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