Ask the Board – January 27, 2020 | TJ DiQUOLLO


“Projections vs. display technology. When is one chosen over the other?”

When deciding to use either projection or traditional display technologies to create large and impactful environments, the main deciding factor should be ambient light.

Projection cost and complexity has come down considerably with the introduction of Laser Light sources. The laser sources are brighter, have lower power consumption and require less maintenance then their UHP counterparts. With automated edge blending and warp mapping, this new generation of projector allows for cost-effective and maintainable seamless canvases. This makes them a great consideration for activations in large areas. The downside is that projectors require a controlled environment in regards to ambient light. The more ambient light in the space, the less impactful the images are going to be.

More traditional display technologies such as LED and LCD screens are much more suitable in areas with high ambient light conditions. However, unlike projectors, more content design considerations need to be taken into account in regards to viewing distances for LED and bezels for LCD.

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