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“What are the keys to integrating digital signage with mobile devices?”

Having digital ads interact with mobile devices is one of the key selling points when we approach a client with this strategy.  We always want to extend the conversations to the consumer and get our discussions into their hands.

The key ingredients we need to make sure this user experience is a success are:

  1. The content needs to be engaging.
  2. Getting the user connected requires the solution to be simple and quick
  3. The connection from display to phone needs to be seamless

Engaging content – A consumer will not stop what they are doing and interact with a display unless the “reward” is worth the time or as an old client used to say “the juice is worth the squeeze.”  The goal is to get the audience to want what you have or be interested in what you are sharing.  Games are always fun and engaging.  Photo downloads are interesting, content and exclusive “prizes” are always a big draw.  What consumers do not want are cookies, logos, app downloads, or other low engagement items.

Easy communication – The biggest turn off for a consumer is multi-step directions on how to engage.  The steps needed must be simple, quick, thoughtless and low interaction.  They won’t stand there for too long to go step by step to do something.  Usually, it is best to have a simple push notification or simple code.

Connectivity – Consumers don’t all have unlimited data plans, so you don’t want to do something that may take up massive amounts of data or memory.  You also don’t want to add something to their devices that will annoy them once placed there.  Be selective and respectful.  Also, you need to be very aware of the different models and formats that exist.  You don’t want to create something that works on Apple devices, but not Samsung for instance. The manner in which things are displayed in different operating systems are very different, and you want to have something built in to recognize the device and the output that fits each individually.

Integrating with people’s devices is becoming more and more personal. These are the things consumers spend the most time on and anything that affects their experience will be memorable and heavily scrutinized.

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