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“What are the keys to integrating digital signage with mobile devices?”

There are many different ways to integrate mobile devices with digital signage. I typically group these integrations into two buckets; “CX improvement” and “push marketing.” 

Using mobile devices to push marketing to consumers can often feel invasive to the recipient. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider how we approach consumers to assure them that our offering is an added value or service versus an invasion of privacy.

When using mobile device integration to improve CX (Customer Experience), success is often measured by the amount of interactions made. If your goal is to improve CX, here are a few tips to help you be more successful when integrating mobile devices with your digital signage.

1) Understand Your Audience.

Do whatever you can to better understand your audience. I recommend doing extensive user research before even beginning a project. Gather as much data as you can. Conduct consumer interviews, consumer surveys and even dive into ethnographic research to obtain a stronger grasp of what users want and how they interact within your environment. Once you understand more about your audience, create user personas and user flow charts to help your team stay on strategy as you move forward in building out your experience.  

Pro Tip: Create a “Key Insights Document” to share findings with your team. This will help ensure your execution is strategically sound. 

2) Have a Clear Benefit for Consumer Interaction.

Make sure your integration creates an obvious benefit for users. That may be providing consumers an option to continue an experience on-the-go by learning more about your product on their own time or perhaps navigating wayfinding with a digital map from the comfort of their own screen. Another benefit can be providing a solution that allows them to save time such as instantly checking in-store inventory or even skipping the hassle of checkout lines by making a purchase online. Regardless of the scenario, be sure there is a CLEAR value proposition for the user.

Pro Tip: Use an extrinsic reward such as an instant discount to increase mobile engagement.

3) Understand the Importance of Usability.

In order to be successful with your integration, you need to recognize the importance of usability and how it applies to your CX. This is vital because this process and experience is likely new to your consumers. Quick, efficient and painless usability will unlock more adoption by users.

Pro Tip: Consider conducting usability tests with prototypes to gather insights about your user experience. 

4) Continue to Improve Your UX.

Use analytics to track how people are using your technology. Understand that you may need to make adjustments to your process to perfect it over time. Just because your UX has great success right away does not mean that same success will continue to follow. Always monitor your interactions to determine whether you need to revisit and improve your user experience.

Pro Tip: Here is a simple four-step cycle that will help you monitor and perfect your UX. 

Design – Prototype – Test – Validate. 

Continue to brainstorm, monitor, evaluate and improve your UX regularly to ensure consumers are happy with the flow of your experience.


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