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“Do you have a plan in place if your display manufacturer either goes out of business or quits providing certain parts?”

We had a certain size screen in the field that stopped working and was no longer available since the manufacturer was creating only larger form factors. In addition, the screen was inside of a frame that had a custom fitting and overhang, so the replacement display not only needed to fit the viewing area, but also fit within the frame’s holding area. Finally, the digital sign utilized a touchscreen, so that limited vendors and overlay technology options even further!

Here are some ideas to protect from these situations:

  • Establish sourcing or wholesale vendors for faster orders from suppliers
  • Buy spare inventory, but share across each project or site
  • Utilize parts from other locations, and swap those locations with generic and new models
  • Select standard sizes available across multiple vendors
  • Look for adjustable settings for mounts, kiosks, and frames
  • Leverage vendor warranty plans
  • Have devices pre-configured as “hot-swappable” for faster replacement times
  • Document device information like brightness setting, IP settings, serial numbers

Best wishes reducing your operational costs while also increasing your uptime.  There are best practices that help.


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