Ask the Board – July 13, 2020 | CHERYL FLOHR


“Do you have a plan in place if your display manufacturer either goes out of business or quits providing certain parts?”

Hardware is plentiful and affordable. When a product no longer works or needs repair, it often provides us with an opportunity to upgrade. We assess our inventory each year and budget for such replacements.

The greater concern for us would be the loss of our content management system provider. We have a broad investment in this system. We have trained multiple staffers in its use, we have purchased specific equipment just to best support its operation, and we’ve installed systems in scores of sites throughout the nation and in other countries. Our information technologists know how to keep it running and connected with our corporate servers.

The selection of this system was done with considerable consideration. It has meant a significant investment of time and training. The loss and subsequent change of this system would be something we would not like to consider at this stage.


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