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“Do you have a plan in place if your display manufacturer either goes out of business or quits providing certain parts?”

Depending upon whether we are talking about video walls or LED screens, there are two answers to this question:

Video Wall Display Panels

If referring to panel/video wall displays, you want to make sure you are doing business with manufacturers that have a good track record and a good history of providing spare parts. Of course, you have to be realistic in how long you expect the manufacturer to keep parts stocked over a certain period of time. Anything beyond the average three-year warranty, you may be hard pressed to find certain replacement parts. Power supplies and LED controllers modules are some of the common parts that should be in huge supply beyond the warranty. Our plan is to have a 10 percent spare stock on hand for the inevitable panel failure in the future.


On the other hand, if referring to LED, OLED, etc., you are better off keeping a few spare screens on hand in case one becomes inoperable. Replacing a defective screen is much easier to manage versus performing digital surgery on a screen’s motherboard.




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