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“Do you have a plan in place if your display manufacturer either goes out of business or quits providing certain parts?”

For some products that are lower cost and not part of a defined “set,” the plan may be to rely on warranty to get through the majority of the expected life and then default to whole product replacement when life expectancy is near or exceeded. For high-cost items, or those that are part of a designed “set” such as video walls, it is important to understand the scope and limitations of the product warranty as well as options for parts or replacement. Spare parts and components kept on hand are usually part of the plan along with a list of vendors known for carrying key parts. If and when the manufacturer stops providing certain parts, it is often realized too late unless the part is a common replaceable component that can be obtained through multiple sources. Reputation for parts availability, documented quality, and size of the manufacturer should always factor into hardware decisions in order to mitigate the risk of parts availability and the future viability of the manufacturer.

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