Ask the Board – July 13, 2020 | MARK GEIGER


“Do you have a plan in place if your display manufacturer either goes out of business or quits providing certain parts?”

When procuring digital signage, I always consider the potential of future downtime due to the manufacturer going out of business or their inability to provide specific parts. In an effort to mitigate the potential of signage downtime, I try to stick with well-known brands that have been around a long time when purchasing monitors. When it comes to LED signage, I always try to negotiate at least 25 percent spare parts and the ability to return damaged or old parts for new ones to replenish stock.  Additionally, I try to stick to the same monitors and LED sizes as much as possible throughout our facility. This provides the ability to have more spare parts for numerous locations. These practices have seemed to work well because I believe that if your original manufacturer goes out of business, or no longer makes certain parts, you’ll end up spending a lot of time looking for something that may not exist and buying new signage. Lastly, when monitors go bad, never throw them away, because they will also end up being your spare parts when needed.

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