Ask the Board – July 15, 2019 | MARK GEIGER


“How many displays are enough in any given venue, and when is it too much?”

I believe the number of digital displays in any given venue should be relative to budget, objective, size and type of the facility.  The number of displays should be determined during the planning phase of any digital signage installation project. During this phase, stakeholders and individuals familiar with the venue’s operations, electrical and network cabling, foot traffic patterns, decision points and common-use areas should participate in a facility walk-though to select display locations. If you’re smart, you will also include a digital signage integrator with good references from the start. An integrator will assist in all aspects along the way and save you time and money in the long run. In addition to the walk-through, meetings should take place regarding budget and objective of the displays. Once all the elements come together and installation went as planned with displays up and running content, walk the areas several times during different days, events and time periods. After observing the venue during these different timeframes, you should be able to determine if the purpose of the displays are being met, or if there are gaps in your display locations selected. If the answer is yes, everything seems to be working, then you have enough displays. If the answer is no and there are some gaps that need displays, then it’s time to pitch those who control the money for additional displays. During your observations, if it seems like some of the displays are too close or compete for attention, then you probably have too many.

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