Ask the Board – July 15, 2019 | RICK ROBINSON


“How many displays are enough in any given venue, and when is it too much?”

The number, size, resolution, proximity, spatial relationship, density, elevation and sequencing of digital display screens are all a function of environmental purpose.  In some environments, like the International Terminal at LAX, there are only a select few epic placements in the common areas, and they powerfully, yet elegantly serve the purpose of communicating the grand scale and endless possibilities of international air travel, whereas a confined transactional environment like a convenience store requires a more perfunctory approach that’s all about visibility in dwell time moments like standing in line at the cash register.  Neither is categorically wrong or right, what they are is “right” for the spaces they inhabit. Digital displays will best serve the space they occupy when they add to the viewer’s experience versus exploiting their presence.  

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