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“How many displays are enough in any given venue, and when is it too much?”

I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It always depends on the objective of the network within the venue. 

For example, you could have a bank, with the same square footage and employees and service offerings with an objective for the network would say that more than one display is too many and another objective would say that four displays is just right. The second bank’s objective is to up-sell and cross-sell their services while patrons stand at an eight-person service desk in which four screens behind the desk is likely spot-on. The other bank location has an objective to simply decrease the perceived wait time while their patrons sit in the lobby – one screen is all you need. 

Another example: If the objective is to WOW your visitors with a high-tech sensory-overload experience, it is perfectly reasonable to have projection mapping and video walls and touch screens everywhere. That’s not so with an objective meant to target baby boomers with a simple-to-use self-service tool allowing them to perform one of three important things at your location. With the second objective, if you put in too many screens, and throw 50 messages at them at once, your target market will turn around and walk out the door. 

Therefore, your objective will drive the definition for an optimal number of displays.

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