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“There have been a lot of advancements in metrics capture in recent years. What are the new metrics being used to support the ROI for a digital signage implementation?”

At Intersection, we have been actively developing ways to measure the effectiveness of our digital signage media. While not necessarily new metrics to digital media in general, some are relatively new applications to DOOH. We have introduced capabilities that enable our media buyers and internal teams to measure engagement that’s analogous to an online or mobile click.

We have chosen to focus on metrics that represent real engagement and avoid issues like fraud and the “fat-finger” effect common in other media channels. As well, we are measuring engagements with an advertiser that are much further down the conversion funnel than an online or mobile click. Knowing that a consumer has proactively taken a real-world action on their own device in response to an ad has made our approach very appealing to direct response clients. Both our internal content teams and advertisers can measure engagement rates of their digital content in physical spaces by driving cross-device actions, such as posting to social media with specific hashtags, scanning codes, texting keywords, or visiting a web site.

Content that has leveraged these measurement capabilities has seen response rates that are up to six times greater than industry averages for online prospecting, and one major retailer saw a coupon redemption rate twice as high as similar online channels.

At Intersection, we are bringing traditional digital engagement and conversion metrics to DOOH and giving omni-channel media buyers a way of evaluating the ROI of our digital signage media that highlights its overall effectiveness.

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