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“There have been a lot of advancements in metrics capture in recent years. What are the new metrics being used to support the ROI for a digital signage implementation?”

When it comes to new metrics supporting ROI and attribution for OOH all points lead to mobile.  

First, we must consider the proliferation of mobile audience data:  A massive amount of data is collected from mobile devices every day and is used to develop audience profiles based upon where these devices travel i.e., gyms, grocery stores, schools, malls, retailers et al. We can map these geolocations and cross-tab them with the geocodes of OOH sites to optimize reach to audiences that are more likely to pass one “location” over another.  What’s more, with digital OOH media, we can serve ads when it matters most – day-parting OOH buys to optimize reach at a particular time of day. Mechanisms by which companies are able to collect mobile audience data include mobile GPS, carrier data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, app bid stream, app SDK data and beacons. 

In terms of ROI, it’s mobile again, but this time through audience panels and their ability to provide attribution. Not only can a mobile device geolocation indicate campaign exposure (GPS data sourced from Cuebiq and Waze have been key drivers), but using a “control” and “exposed” group structure, mobile panels can be surveyed to link exposure to awareness, sales lift and other KPIs. 

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