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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Utilizing fresh content on signs usually helps attract more viewers and drive longer engagement. Unfortunately, creating a large collection of year-round content can be time-consuming, costly and overwhelming. One strategy that can help is to combine forces with your peers while archiving and sharing content within your enterprise.

Here are some ideas to help with generating more content:

  • Copywriting – Sometimes content exists in an email or doc and, turning it into a slide is easy   
  • Templates – Teams should share their best layouts so that staff can quickly fill in new content
  • Media – Use a file sharing folder with company logos, product screenshots and happy customers
  • Departments – Share reusable department communications like those from HR, Marketing or Legal
  • Seasonal – Leverage easily reusable yearly content for holidays, calendar and events         
  • Feeds – Utilize internal or external social feeds to reduce the content creation workload  
  • Formats – Create communication pieces that can be easily reconfigured horizontally or vertically

These ideas can help your employees systematically generate significantly more content. They may require organizations to add a few steps to their content creation processes.  However, once employees are more open minded and deliberate about archiving and sharing, they will find it easier to leverage existing great content or derive new content from prior work.

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